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What to Use for Aquaponic Grow Beds

What to Use for Aquaponic Grow Beds

Aquaponics is a very neat way to grow food and vegetables at home. You don’t really need a lot of money to build your own aquaponics system. A basic aquaponics system consists of a place to grow your plants which is usually called a grow bed, a place to raise your fish usually called a fish tank, a water pump and some plumbing that will allow the water to flow between the grow bed and the fish tank.

In this article you will learn about some commonly available items that you can use for grow beds in your aquaponics system. Here is a list of grow bed possibilities

IBC Containers

An IBC or intermediate bulk container makes a great grow bed. You can actually build an entire system out of such a tank. Basically all you do is cut the top 12 to 18 inches of the tank off. You can then use the 18 inch cut off section for your grow bed and the bottom section for your fish tank. Just make sure that there weren’t any harmful chemicals previously held in the container that you want to use.

55 gallon drums

Using a 55 gallon drum is a very easy and economical way to acquire a grow bed or two for your system. All you have to do is cut the barrel in half lengthwise. Make sure to use food grade barrels. Also, if you are constructing your grow beds from used drums make sure that the drums you are planning to use did not contain any harmful chemicals.

Rubbermaid type totes

Rubber maid totes are another container that you could use for a grow bed. An aquaponics system that is constructed with rubber made totes is usually small in size. You may however increase the size of a rubber made tote aquaponics system by using several totes at once.

Wash Tubs

Wash tubs come in various sizes and can be made from metal, wood, or a combination of both. Wash tubs can be round or oval. If you want to construct a grow bed using metal washtubs it is a good idea to use a grow bed liner as well.

Bath tubs

Old Bath tubs have been used to make grow beds in a number of backyard aquaponics systems. A bath tub will allow you to grow a slightly larger aquaponics system than most of the other grow bed possibilities mentioned. Just like with any other grow bed choice you have to make sure that any bathtub that you decide to use is clean and chemical free.

Aquaponics is a very neat and efficient way to grow foods and vegetables at home. You can save a lot of money by building your own aquaponics system using commonly available items. Having your own aquaponics system will allow you to become more self-sufficient.

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  1. i did like you did but only a few gold fish put them in an old bath had them for about nine months they went from one inch to 6 inehcs and started dying changed water & bath got air pump from sa air pump fish ok other fish died now got 15 more goldies doing well gone from 1 inch to 5 inehcs in about 8 months have no idea uow much to feed them i give them 2 feeds a day water is not clear 2 baths in poly house growing vegies toms cabige herbs celery had a mouse plage. will have to get some of your dvds have youed youred emails to get as far as i have thanks amill david.

  2. Rod what do you mean by Cyclonic Filter ? If you mean swirl filter, I have found the best thing to be a trdoatiinal 55gallon blue barrel. As far as the totes for that price I would take extra special care to make sure that they are actually Food Grade. In my experience, when they are that cheap, they usually contained chemicals that I wouldn’t want ANYWHERE near my food

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